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Median Wages vs. Housing Costs in the United States

Nearly everyone is feeling the pinch of shrinking wages and higher costs these days. Many are losing home-owner status and becoming renters once again.

People are having to move to locate jobs that will give them a better start. Some are even forging ahead into new frontiers where the wages are high (WalMart starting wages are at $17.00 an hour) and company living quarters are provided.

Take a look at these examples of median wages from across the country as compared to the average cost of a one bedroom apartment rental.

Minot’s Future

The management team at Bakken Residence Suites is proud to announce a new Hyatt House Extended Stay Facility to meet the increased demand in Minot.

Featuring 130 spacious suites and the luxury you expect from the Hyatt brand. Opening in Spring of 2013 we are excited to grow with North Dakota!


KMOT examines the plans for Minot’s future. Read more here.